Mass Casualty

Skillful Mass Casualty and Trauma Cleaners in Oklahoma

emergency personnel tending to a victim on the streets

A mass casualty situation or mass casualty incident (MCI) is when 4 or more are wounded or killed in the same event. In the world of Forensic Restoration® this is considered the most severe or a Level 4 incident site.

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Mass Casualty refers to a casualty situation in which 4 or more are wounded or killed by the same event. Often called a mass casualty incident (MCI) or multiple-casualty incident – these situations can also overwhelm first responders due to the overwhelming number of severity of casualty.

With Certified Bio-Forensic Restoration Specialists® (the industry’s highest designation) on staff, First Responders can be certain that our teams will work competently and carefully to ensure a thorough and professional remediation of the incident site.

BioSheen of Oklahoma is the only Forensic Restoration® Cleaning Company in the State of Oklahoma with a written protocol for Mass Casualty incidents that meets and exceeds current industry standards and guidelines.

An industry leader – BioSheen is the only Forensic Restoration®/Trauma Scene Cleaning Company in the State of Oklahoma acknowledged in both the RIA Forensic Guidelines and the ANSI/IICRC S540 Standard for Trauma and Crime Scene Cleanup.